Website being mirrored via DNS service on cloudfare

Theres a domain that is using Cloudflare and seems to be mirroring my website.
I have tried to disable hotlinking but it has not changed the outcome.

The original website for the content is

The mirrored website is

Upon asking cloudways to look into it they mentioned that “both these domains are being managed at Cloudflare and they are connected at the DNS level due to some settings which I am not sure about. Also, the A record is proxied so I cannot verify the serer IP they are pointing to ultimately.”

Sounds like they are scraping your site. You can try upping your security level to block scrapers. Also, can report the other domain for copyright infringement.


If they are scrapping, they are doing it dynamically as the content updates immediately on that website. So it’s not a duplicate of the content, but a mirror of it.

At first glance it seems the sites are returning identical HTML so it may be that they are just pointing their DNS at the IP address of your server so the content is yours. Also www on the .com redirects back to the apex domain, the www for .us just serves the content. So you have a redirect in your account, they have an A/AAAA/CNAME for www instead.

Depending on your hosting, you can make sure that you site only accepts host headers for and (plus any others you use) and this…

…with your own certificates.

Or just wait as it seems the .us domain has expired so the site may go away anyway…

Are you sure it hasn’t been set up by someone associated with the business?

It’s odd why someone would do that since it’s advertising your business. It’s sometimes done so they can set the Cloudflare protections to zero on their account and attack the origin through that domain name, but that doesn’t need a domain name that looks like yours.

[add] the WHOIS for .us actually gives away the domain owner as it’s not redacted. (Press the “Show WHOIS” button on my test page for the .us domain I gave above).

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