Website being blocked/restricted/flagged

Hello, I recently launched a new site ( that is being hosted by Cloudflare and have run into some security software programs that are blocking the site for some visitors.

One visitor just shared a screenshot with me that it’s being blocked by Zscaler because it’s a “Newly Registered and Observed Domain”. I’ve also noticed McAfee is labeling it as risky.

It’s a completely legit site. Is there anything I can do through Cloudflare to boost its status and credibility so visitors don’t run into these issues? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

Security tools tend to treat newly (typically 30 days or less) registered domains as potentially suspect. Other than contacting those vendors… i guess registering a domain well in advance of launch. It’s not something that Cloudflare or any registrar/domain host can really have an impact on.


That makes sense. I’ll ride it out. Appreciate your help!


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