Website being blocked by Cloudflare

We’ve recently launched a website that is hosted by Google.
One of our vendors is using Cloudflare’s security software and for some reason it is blocking their access to our website.
All of our other clients and vendors who don’t use Cloudflare don’t have a problem.
How can we get our website to be approved by Cloudflare?

Your vendor is likely using Cloudflare’s Zero Trust gateway. If they have enabled the blocking of recently registered, recently gone-active or parked domains, then that is the reason for the block. They will need to remove that rule, or allowlist your website themselves.

Cloudflare doesn’t block anyone, only Cloudflare customers block.

Check your website here to see which rules apply:

Thank you.
Apparently our website is being classified as DGA.
Any idea on what we can do to prevent this classification?

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