Website being attacked from China and Indonesia

Hello I have been attacked by someone trying to take down my website and he successfully did even though my website is going through cloudflare and it’s a wordpress website, my hosting provider said it is a layer 7 ddos, is there a way to defend myself because I am hurting the whole hosting server and should I also upgrade to a VPS if that helps? I am new to having my website secured and I am lost!

Turn your security setting to “i’m under attack” and it will give a javascript challenge for all visitors

You can do this in Firewall -> Settings (near the top right)

Will that actually help with layer 7 ddos?

Yes, it will

On top of that, Cloudflare will automatically block layer 7 ddos attacks for you

I thought of upgrading because I don’t want a challenge for all users, I want my website to be normal but the attack to be mitigated

You can also make a Firewall rule to javascript challenge anyone from Indonesia or China.

If you don’t want to javascript challenge normal users, you must find more information about the ddos attacks, what IP ranges do they originate from? What user-agent do they use?

Then use this information to create a firewall rule

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