Website becomes slower after installing Cloudflare

Hello, I am new to this community. I just bought the pro plan about 5 days ago. After a few days, I noticed some errors in my Google Marchant Centre. I am not able to upload or update my feeds again. My Google merchant account would be suspended very soon if I am not able to fix those errors.

Second, my site speed didn’t improve at all. The former speed was way better than this, even my WordPress and Cpanel doesn’t open well as it used to be. Some other plugins also are affected.

Third, my webmail stopped working, I deleted it from my email and tried to install it back there but it turned out not to connect to the server again. I got this error in my email deliverability;
" You can install the suggested “SPF” record locally. However, this server is not the authoritative nameserver. If you install this record, this change will not be effective. Contact the person responsible for the “” and “” nameservers and request that they update the “SPF” record with the following:"
I did add what was recommended but I don’t know why the error still persists. This is a bad experience with Cloudflare.

I am guessing this could be as a result of the settings I chose. Please I want someone to advise me on what to do. See my settings below. Thanks.

What’s your domain?

I have unistalled Cloudflare and changed my DNS back to the former one when no responded yesterday and it was causing a lot of problem.

Do you want me to install it back? If yes, can you help provide the appropriate DNS settings?

May I know what errors you are facing?

Interesting. Can you enable the proxy :orange: again? So that we can take a look from our side.

Google Merchant Centre says “Connection Failed” ever since I installed Cloudflare. Which one of them should I enable the proxy :orange:? Can you specify please?

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