Website Average Response Time Doubled

Since May 4th our website average response time has increased from around 640ms to 1200ms.

Our website: [] on Wordpress/Woocommerce
We noticed that many images are not being served as Webp even though we’ve set the option; Polish → Lossy → WebP
Example product page:
Also when pages load there is often a delay with a message at the bottom of the screen stating:
waiting for []

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. John

I think your server is just answering very slowly. As you can see, it takes 2 seconds for your server to even respond, which is absolutely ridiculous.
It then takes another 3 seconds to download 30kB, which is… I don’t really know what to say about that.

I cannot be certain, but this is likely a problem with your origin server.

Hi Laudian Thank you for checking this for us, I’ll query this with our web hosting company. Kind regards

Hi Laudian We found a Large 6.2mb image in our mailchimp popup, most likely causing a major contribution to the speed issue. The site is now much faster. We’ve improved from 59% to 87% performace rating on GTMetrix. But we’re still seeing that images are not being converted to WebP. Example product page:

Could this be looked into if possible, thanks, John