Website availability issues in some countries

Hello there!

I’m having an issue where my site is not available to some sites around the world, curiously in the east:

This was reported through Uptrends. I have several domains, and they all report the same issue. I would like to know why, or what can I do to trace the issue.

The only clue I have is this: In Cloudflare’s Firewall, there is a JS challenge set in specifically 3 countries: Nigeria, India and Philippines. I tried whitelisting them temporarily but it didn’t work.

Before whitelisting, the countries showed a 308 protocol error. After whitelisting, they show a 404 error (even after re-blocking them).

Any ideas?

Hi @juanito, were you able to resolve this?

Hey there! Partially.

I noticed that Uptrends reports 308 redirects as failures. And we have a worker in Cloudflare that redirects from some countries using that code. That explained most of the cases.

There is still one missing: New Delhi is reporting a 503 error always. No clue there.

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