Website assets not loading (error 522) on multiple domains

Hi, I host multiple domains on Cloudflare on both Free and Pro plans. I am encountering issues on almost all of the domains this morning.

When accessing a website, browser’s DevTool would show error 522 on assets such as images and JavaScript files but the website itself is still accessible with missing assets.

All of the affected websites are hosted on Azure App Service or Azure VM.

One of my websites is deployed on Cloudflare Pages is not affected.

I tried turning on the Developer Mode on Cloudflare Dashboard and all assets load properly.

I checked on Cloudflare Status and it doesn’t inform anything about issues on Cloudflare side.


Have you followed the steps here:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have observed resource utilization on Azure and nothing stands out. I am not blocking Cloudflare IPs.

Actually I have not changed any configurations on both Cloudflare and Azure recently, it was working fine until today.

I have also opened a ticket to Azure asking about this but I just want to check on Cloudflare’s side as well if there’s anything I can try. I mean getting 522 errors on multiple domains at the same time is quite strange.

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