Website as and cname flattening with TXT


I would like to use subdomain . domain . com as my website and then configure CNAME Flattening using the TXT Cloudflare-verify . subdomain . domain . com


Because I manage one domain and a number of subdomains and Cloudflare requires me to always configure the same TXT to verify.

Solution to apply
The solution would be simple, which is to let you configure your own TXT for verification, or generate a random string instead of Cloudflare-verify . subdomain . domain . com


Hi Sandro,

I have an account for each hostname:

account1 → website hostname1 .domain .com
account2 → website hostname2 .domain .com

and for each account I am asked to configure on the authoritative dns domain .com always the TX T Cloudflare-verify .domain .com to verify the websites hostname1 .domain .com and hostname2 .domain .com

on the authoritative DNS

.domain .com

for account1 → Cloudflare-verify .domain .com TX T 32312314123134 → ok
for account2 → Cloudflare-verify .domain .com TX T 56567476575677 → ko

Applied Cloudflare-verify .domain .com for account1, you are required to use the same TX T on account2 in the same subdomain and obviously it’s not possible to register an identical CNAM E


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