Website and webmail was not operational yesterday 27.07.22

We noticed that the services, webmail and were not accessible from external.

Internally, on our LAN, same were accessible. This happened on the 27.07.2022 and also on the 10.07.2022.

We investigated on our side but could not find anomalies causing this disruption.



Unless you are using Spectrum in Japan, there were no service issues on July 27

So this must have been an issue with your server.

How can we verify if we were using the spectrum mentioned?

Which plan level are you on?

Pro Plan

In that case Spectrum cannot be used for email, so it won’t have been Spectrum related but an issue with your server.

No no issue with our email internally as same was being accessible.
However our website, does the spectrum has anything to do with same?



No Spectrum is not involved here. You best discuss this with your network administrator, but it was not a Cloudflare related issue.

Same done and nothing found on our network.

Well, the only two Cloudflare issues were the ones posted and which are not related to your service, so it won’t have been a Cloudflare issue.

what were the issues please?

The ones I posted, but again Cloudflare is not involved here.

So you mean to say that the issue was neither on Cloudflare nor on our network.

I did not refer to your network, but there is nothing that suggests that there was a Cloudflare issue.

i can see the Cloudflare zero trust and the ssl certificate provisioning.

The error message we received was ssl handshake failed, error 525.

Please see attached.

As mentioned in the article you posted, a 525 indicates that your server did not establish an SSL connection with Cloudflare. If you experienced this only briefly, there may have been some network issue or some other issue on your server. It is impossible to say what the issue was at this point.

Should you experience a 525 again, it’s best to pause Cloudflare and check if your site loads fine on HTTPS. If it does, please feel free to open another thread whenever you experience the issue.

ok thank you.

How we pause the Cloudflare?

we tried with the https and same was accessible.

Cloudflare can be paused on the Overview screen.

Ok Sandro.

Well i would to thank you for bearing with me regarding the above issue.

I will try to investigate deeply with the network administrator as well as our ISP as on the previous day, we had an internet outrage. Maybe that was one which caused our services to be down.

Anyways thank you for your assistance and support.



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