Website Analytics - domains duplicated?

Hi folks

I use Website Analytics (JS Snippet) on my sites (as it shows actual human traffic) but I see it’s now showing the same domain duplicated - and in some cases with no traffic e.g. below with the orange cloud (“Automatic setup” and with a grey cloud (“JS Snippet”).

One shows traffic and the shows nothing. One links to “” the other links to “https://undefined

What’s going on?

To me, they don’t look like complete duplicates since their proxy status differs.

In general, what does it take to delete a site from that list?

They are duplicates because they were not there before and their proxy status is wrong.

The way I see it the UI is exposing the domain Web analytics here with zero views (the correct numbers are in the domain pages) and the JS Snippets too. This looks like a UI or API error introduced in the last 24 hours.


if you were using Web Analytics with no changes to your DNS, those are the ones with the gray icon next to the hostname.

if you had any Browser Insights enabled domains, those are the ones with the orange icon next to the zone name.

Browser Insights product was merged to Web Analytics today that’s why you are seeing those changes. If you don’t have any traffic on your orange clouded zone, it might be because the browser insights is not enabled. We are in the middle of showing the toggling button (enabled/disabled) for your orange clouded sites, so please stay tuned. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for your reply @YKP .

If by “no changes to your DNS” you mean “JS Snippet installation” then yes I have JS Snippet installed even on domains behind Cloudflare because the JS Snippet gives me actual page views instead of total requests, unlike Domain Analytics. Using the JS Snippet doesn’t automatically mean a grey cloud!

Ok, this makes sense. Our main domain has Browser Insights disabled so that’s why it shows “0 views” and a link to “https://undefined” in the orange cloud version.

The cloud icons are misleading. They should be changed to a different icon to indicate if the data is from JS Snipper or Insights - as I said don’t assume a JS Snippet means the domain is not behind the proxy.