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Our website uses WordPress, News Paper Theme, WP-Rocket plugin for cache control, Cloudflare CDN free version. We are using AMP for WP plugin for generating AMP pages.

We see that our AMP pages do not get updated in google cache for a long time, as a result users are seeing stale content. We often provide live updates for events and the updates will be like every 10 minutes. We want our AMP page cache to get flushed immediately so that users can find updated page. We do not typically clear Cloudflare CDN cache with every update, We did not think this is necessary, do we have to ?

Please advice as why the AMP cache is not getting cleared, could there be a issue with how we are setup. Here is a link to one of our live updates page.

Rajesh kumar

A lot of stuff here, but first things first :wink:

Kindly, may I ask have you followed instructions how to propperly setup WP Rocket while using Cloudflare?

Therefore, could you check if you are using any Page Rules and if there is an Cache Everything option for a Cache Level selected?

Hopefully, you have got the AMP Real URL option enabled at Cloudflare dashboard:

  • Speed → Optimization → scroll down to AMP Real URL

Next one, may I ask are the “AMP” URLs like the /amp suffix, or like ?amp at the end, or some other?

May I ask if the plugin is actually generating some HTML pages and save them in some directory on the server?

As far as I know, there is some Google AMP cache in between:

Is your server sending some cache HTTP headers for your AMP URLs, or maybe it could be related to the settings at Cloudflare.

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