Website added to cloudflare

I have added a site here and activated HTTPS and to always use HTTPS but when I go to view my site I get the following error

Hmmm… can’t reach this page

It looks like closed the connection

Need help.

Whats your main domain ?



main domain

Hi ,

I just saw your website is using Cloudflare nameservers as following

There is no problem with Cloudflare this can be error with your hosting - provider

Who is your hosting provider

eco webhosting

site works fine when I am using ECO nameservers

I request you to once pause Cloudflare on your site & try .

Paused Cloudflare on the site and it is working fine

Its not working for me

works fine for me on opera no VPN

and this is on ms edge

I have just reactivated this site on Cloudflare and it seem to be working ok now but the site is show as insecure (NO HTTPS)

scrap the above is not working again

You have a broken DNSSEC configuration. You should delete the DS record with your registrar which should get things working again.

Once things are back to normal, you can look at enabling DNSSEC properly in your Cloudflare account.

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I’ve just deleted the site from Cloudflare no so don’t worry about it

If you have a broken DS configuration it does not matter which DNS provider you use, it will be broken!

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the website works fine when i am not trying to use Cloudflare

As mentioned, the DNSSEC is broken and the site will NOT work (regardless of what DNS provider you use!)

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