Website added to Cloudflare has disappeared

Website was added to an existing website in the Cloudflare dashboard. It now does not appear. Confirmed that the website is correctly associated to the registered email. Locked out from my website hosted on Bluehost because it seems that for whatever reason it is no longer pointing to Bluehost. As it does not appear on Cloudflare I can’t make the necessary changes not delete the site from Cloudflare. Contacted Cloudflare support and was informed they can’t help and that I should post my problem on the community forum. So here I am. Any help to solve this impasse would be greatly appreciated. TIA

What is the site?

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Site was added to which appears as active. has disappeared.

I don’t see that was ever active in the account you are using here. You’d not add to, rather you’d add it to the same account as the other domain, it would appear as an additional website on your home screen once you logged in.

In this case, the zone is not in your account. If you own the domain, login here and select Add a site to add it to your current account, note the nameservers on the dns page and ask your registrar to change the nameservers to the two in the account you control.

I say account you control as has Cloudflare nameservers atm, just not the ones associated with the account you are using here. Do you have a second cf account using a different email?

When I went to , I selected Forgot your email? In Enter your domain name I input I then received an email confirming that my email associated with was the same as with Contacting Bluehost chat support, I was informed that Cloudflare was not pointing to Bluehost. Locked out from my website because I can’t delete from Cloudflare or make any changes.

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool shows Cloudflare has

Found the problem. My domain expired and I was not notified. It now is owned by someone else. Don’t know if that caused the site to disappear from by Cloudflare dashboard. cloonan, thank you very much for your kind replies.

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ugh, that stinks. Your registrar should have been there for the renewal with some warning emails, thank you for closing the loop here.

Resolved Thx

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