Website access slows

In recent times, CDN’s website has begun to slow down.
The speed of the previous visit is still very fast.
What’s the problem with CDN?

What’s the domain? A great way to check this is from:

It will show you a Waterfall view lower on the page with how quickly each resource is loading. Clicking on the down arrow at the right side of that resource will show you a CF-Cache-Status of HIT, or something else. A HIT should be pretty quick. Anything else means Cloudflare has to connect to your server for that resource.

The ping speed is much slower than before, and the previous 160ms now requires 220ms.
No changes have been made to the content of the website.
What is the situation to the problem?

While Ping is a nice way to measure network latency, it’s not a good indicator of overall performance. That’s why tools such as Pingdom, Webpagetest, and GTMetrix come in handy for measuring site performance.

Is this related to CDN?

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