Website Access Issue

I am having an issue where the Just a moment Cloudflare prompt will appear and then my Ray ID will constantly change and not allow me to access Cloudflare protected websites.

This is mainly happening with the Dead By Daylight Forums.

And for some reason, only happens specifically on the Xbox version of Microsoft Edge. I’ve tried accessing the website from other browsers on different devices and gotten in just fine.

If required I can give IP address or one of the Ray IDs being shown to me.

Hello there,

Could you share the site?

The Dead by Daylight Forums are using Cloudflare protection. There really isn’t much of anything that Cloudflare or Community members can do in relation to visitors getting stopped by customer applied rules.

If you can access their Forum Feedback from a device that isn’t being blocked, you can let them know what you are encountering. I would recommend sharing your RayIDs with them, too. As the Cloudflare customer, they are the only ones in a position to resolve the situation.

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@DT81 Well. I see its working for me.

If specifically on the particular browser, you can

Try these

Clear browser cache
Disable plugins if blocking
Try using incognito mode
You can also try uninstalling the same & reinstall (prior-clear the data/cache from system as well)

I think you must contact the support of the website as mentioned by

The poster below you shared it but google Dead By Daylight forums.

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