Website access blocked due to Kaspersky

Hi everyone,

we have a report from one of our customers which tells us that he couldn’t access the website due to Kaspersky Security Cloud blocking the site:


I have been checking online, and I can see that this is a Trojan which affects on collecting the customer cookies and data:

We have all kinds of protection from Cloudflare, most if not all recommendations are active.

How can this be avoided? What is the source of this? We believe our website is not hacked as we believe we have great security with the server and the data we put on it. Can someone advise on it?


It’s not blocked for me! What’s the URL of the link that is blocked?

I don’t think so what’s the link that is blocked?

Do you have SSL/TLS enabled for the website? If so what’s is it set to (you can see that by checking your cloudflare dashboard then clicking SSL/TLS).

Hi William,

SSL/TLS is enabled:

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