Webshop malformed


My customer is reporting the webshop is displayed incorrect. See screenshot. This happens after some time. When clearing the CF cache it’s back to normal but the issue will come back after some days.

How can I solve this? I’ve disabled auto minify in speed section for now but don’t know if that will solve it.

Domain: whatiship.nl

Send the domain name

added to the post

As it’s not displaying incorrectly right now, we can’t troubleshoot this. Next time you see this, open your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) and check the Network and Console tab for errors. But I suspect it’s using a serialized CSS file, and APO is caching the old references. You might want to try a Page Rule to set *example.com/* for an Edge Cache TTL to something low, like 1 day.

@sdayman thanks for your help. I will check the console the next time for errors.
I’ve added a page rule. Is this correct, see screenshot?

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That’s where I’d start. I’ve actually had to go lower, but it sounds like your site is ok for at least a few days.

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