Webserver IP being exposed in access.log file

I am messing around with my webserver (using Cloudflare) and having it communicate with another server of mine. When I check my log files I see I am not getting a connection from Cloudflare, it is coming directly from my webserver IP.

Also, checking my websites DNS it points to Cloudflare.

Everything is “Proxied” any help on what could be going on?

Is this server behind Cloudflare too (and proxied)?

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And adding to the above, how is it communicating? From the server? With the IP or a domain?

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No, the server is not behind Cloudflare, just the webserver.

“Server” is just a Linux server with no domain attached to it, but the webserver of course has a domain and Cloudflare.

It just shows the IP of the webserver, no domain.

The webserver sends a command to the server and I can see the webhost IP in the access.log file

Cloudflare is only a reverse proxy. If you are making outbound connections to a server by IP address, or with a domain name that isn’t proxied through Cloudflare, then the traffic will go directly to the server. Cloudflare isn’t a forward proxy for your outbound traffic.


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