webRTCPlayback cannot be resolved

Why is the push stream of webrtc url sometimes not received by webRTCPlayback and cannot be parsed?

Can you please share a bit more about the error you’re seeing? Want to jump into the Stream Discord channel here so that we can chat about this in more real-time?

Would like to understand a bit more about what you’re seeing.

Hi. I have a similar problem.

I’m using the stackblitz example and apparently I’m able to publish my video properly but neither the viewer in the example page or the viewer in the dashboard show the video.

The dashboard shows that the video is “live” but the video is not watcheable.

Any idea? Thank you!

I think the mode attribute should not be changed to automatic , the recording mode has not been opened yet

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Yep, that was the problem. When creating the Live Input I need to uncheck the “Live Playback and Recording” option. Thank you!