WebRTC Stream from Larix Broadcaster connects and records but no video

Have you had success with Larix Broadcaster => WebRTC => Clouflare?

If so, can you help me figure out why I get no video in the stream? I see the connection happen but the player in Cloudflare displays the message: Stream has not yet started. Cloudflare records the entire livestream with black video.

Any clues on what I’m missing? Is there a magic button in Larix Broadcaster? Lol. Thank you for the help.

Larix Broadcaster team here. Can you please send us more details of your setup to Mobile technologies helpdesk - Softvelum along with encoder settings. Specifically, we saw that behavior with VP9 encoding on Android. So any details will help.
Thank you!

Thank you for the reply.

I had some luck with HEVC VP8 but it is inconsistent at best. No luck at all H.264 or VP9

HEVC (Main) 1280x720 with 8 -30 variable frame rate, bitrate matches resolution, keyframe frequency 2, HEVC Main, HEVC birate mode: system default.

That got the waiting icon spinning in the Cloudflare playback window. Then video appeared. Seemed to work just fine. It did not work on subsequent tries. Cloudflare saved the recording but it contained blank, black video just like all the others.

I have to get a new phone (Android). Is there one you can recommend that is known to work best with Larix Broadcaster?


Please send us you device information to

You can go to Advanced menu and tap on “Send cameras debug details”

so we could follow up with our team.