WebRTC stream causes site to become Not Secure

My site works with Full (strict) SSL/TLS through Cloudflare, however now I have added a WebRTC stream and the site has gone from being Secure to Not Secure. The WebRTC stream is secured with a cert and key from open ssl (2048 & sha256).

Any idea as to why adding the WebRTC stream causes the site to no longer be secure?

Thank you

May I ask what kind of stream? Video, mp4, RTSP, RTMP? And over which proxied :orange: port (hopefully)? :thinking:

Thanks for your reply. The WebRTC stream comes from mediamtx and it uses port 8889.

Okay, however may I ask which protocol? :thinking:

Is it port forwarding on the origin, or rather 8889 over the proxied :orange: hostname (DNS record)? :thinking:

If it’s over the proxied :orange: hostname, unfortunately it won’t work since the 8889 port isn’t supported and compatible one as follows on the list from the link below:

I’d suggest you, if you can, change the port to the one which is supported.

However, depending a bit on what kind of content you’re streaming, hopefully you won’t end-up braking the ToS:

I’d suggest you to either use Cloudflare Stream, or continue using unproxied :grey: (DNS-only) hostname (DNS record) in such case if you’d be using for much non-HTML content like videos, etc. or you’d be uploading large files.

Thanks for your help. I am fairly new to this area.
I will try changing the port and reading the material you provided.
The protocol is RTSP (webrtc), I also tried HLS with the same problem.

I will report back. Thank you.

I am afraid it won’t work as expected :confused:

Keep in mind, RTSP (pull) and/or MJPEG (pull) streams, and in certain cases RTMP (pull) streams.

For example, in my case, I had DCV camera(s) via RTSP in web browser goes over websockets on non-compatible port (by default), which can be changed. Some newer CCTV cameras may also support WebRTC (pull).

Despite I couldn’t connect them to Cloudflare stream, had to make some changes to create RTMPS (push) and combine with FFMPEG.

I’ve used it over Home Asssistant, connected things, and via WebRTC (worked) for my small smart-home project with HDL automation, couple of ESP32/Arduino and a CCTV camera.

I ended up getting it working by setting up a STUN server.

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