I noticed last week many referrals from [kioskindustry-org.webpkgcache.com]referer%5D=contains+kioskindustry-org.webpkgcache.com)

Was google wonked?

I noticed too that search results were showing the google-ish url. I noticed first in Semrush which was unable to crawl the pages. I checked with WPEngine and they have no idea.

This is the domain Google uses for Signed Exchanges.

Do you have this feature enabled?

Yes I do. Thought it might help speed up page delivery. I went ahead and left it on for now. Its not generating any errors per se. I am actually not sure if its a bad thing or not. Last 7 days google sent 2300, Linkedin 200 and pkgcache sent 100. I was noticing some slowness in categories and tags which is why I looked closer

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