Webpages are Broken after Server Name Change @CloudFlare

Webpages are Broken after Server Name Change.

SSL certificate activated! Website: https://4starrating.com

But webpage broken :frowning:


Please look into this and a quick response/advice will be appreciated.

Wordpress Admin page also broken:


Looks like mixed content.

Hi, thanks for the reply!

I changed the SSL to Full. Another issue arises

Please advice it’s 3 days now and my site not working.



Hi, I changed SSL to Flexible


Please help me in fixing this issue!


That’s the mixed content issue again - look at the post above, and try doing some of the other suggestions.

Issue not resolved. :frowning:

Tried all the above suggestions… not helpful!

A humble request to look into it.

PS: I have 6 other domains under Cloudflare server and all are working fine.


With the mixed content, we can’t really help you other than the tips above.

It is not on Cloudflare and has to be fixed on the actual site. You will also find a lot of help if you Google ‘Mixed Content’

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