Webpage slow with enabled Load Balancer

we testing the Cloudflare load balancer. I setup two webserver, put our application on it and test it without Cloudflare proxy or load balancer.

Second step i created the lb, setup incl. health check. Now our Website is very slow. If i ignore the lb via my local hostfile, it runs fast.

One of our devs things, there could be a problem with the aps.net

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Too many variables. Is the Load Balancer record :grey:? If so the only change that has been made is Cloudflare is returning DNS records from a LB pool and it seems unlikely LB would have any impact on perf as DNS is DNS.

If your site is :orange: and it is slow through Cloudflare, troubleshoot that… There’s nothing which indicates that is a LB related issue. But additional data would be required if you want anyone in the forum to help… like a link to the host/domain while it is running through Cloudflare.


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