Webpage not working after GoDaddy domain renewal


I ran into an issue after domain renewal at GoDaddy.

Domain had expired after payment was unsuccessful, added new payment method an renew our domain.
But the webpage is not working and GoDaddy support insisted that the problem is at Cloudflare side with DNS.

What should I do to resolve this problem? This is urgent.


What is the domain?


But from what I have discovered, that nameservers are not public which mean that the problem is with GoDaddy not with Cloudflare or DNS, am I right?

Everything seems to be OK for your Cloudflare configuration…

…and your site loads for me.

If Godaddy changed your nameservers to park your domain on the expiry, but have now set them back to Cloudflare, it may just be waiting for that change to propagate for you to be able to see your own site.

It works now.

Problem was with our local bank that paused payment for a bit to discover if it was legit. Interesting is that you cant see any payment details or fails at GoDaddy.

Thank you for helping. Have a nice day.

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