Webpage not loading after Argo tunnel up

Dear All,

I was not able to figure out why my website was not able to load after tunnel up, is it sth to do with my ingress rules? my web is running on windows server 2019, thanks very much

I’m not clear what your screenshot is. It looks like full request headers, but I’m not clear why the remote address is localhost.

Your tunnel config file is basically this:
The hostname of your site (example.com)
The local URL (http://example.com:80)

And within Cloudflare DNS, there should be a corresponding hostname (example.com) with a CNAME that points to your tunnel hostname.

That screenshot is the embedded hello-world server that cloudflared ships with. For that to be showing it means that you ran cloudflared tunnel --hello-world run <named tunnel> or put hello-world: true in your config YAML.

It means everything is working, but it is just a dummy example, shall we say.
You now have to configure your origin ingress to tell cloudflared where to route proxied requests to: https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-apps/configuration/ingress

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Should have captured the full screen ,

Thank you guys, the website was up and running before i configured argo tunnel

  • not sure whether it was related to my manually pointing the localhost to my real hostname for shortcut purposes…

  • I have configure the tunnel and pointing to my realhost name see below:

hostname: myrealhostname.com
url: http://localhost:80
credentials-file: C:\cloudflared\10658ca8-7246-46a2-8f11-3b43dc5bcca1.json
hello-world: true
logfile: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile.cloudflared\tunnel.log

tunnel: 10658ca8-7246-46a2-8f11-3b43dc5bcca1

credentials-file: C:\cloudflared\10658ca8-7246-46a2-8f11-3b43dc5bcca1.json

  • i added below for ingress ,still no luck