Webpage down after connect with cloudflare

unable to reach, should i disconnect Cloudflare first ?

What is the domain?


You haven’t added any DNS records for your site…

Add them in your dashboard here…



thank you very much , i have the record but before safe i need tto put in ipv4 address . what should i key in ya ?

i think i got it already thank you very much , now i need to wait for 24 hour for the dns correct?

It’s working now, but returning a 522 error or timing out.

Make sure you have set the correct IP address for your server, and that it is not blocking requests from Cloudflare IP addresses.

is this the correct server name ?

Your site is added to Cloudflare and changes you have made are showing, so those are correct. The problem is either you have set the wrong IP address in the DNS records, or your origin server has some problem.

Set the records to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied”, or pause Cloudflare, so requests go direct to your server first. Check that’s all working and when it is, you can re-enable Cloudflare.

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Thank you for contacting TMDHosting Technical Support Team!

We would like to inform you that in order to point the domain name dfc666666.com to your hosting account Business Package - 6file.com we updated the A record in your Cloudflare account via Cloudflare > DNS.

Please pay attention that the DNS propagation after DNS modifications can take up to 24 hours.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us again if we could be of any further assistance!

***they reply me this, so now wait correct ?

In checking your site now I am no longer seeing the 522 and I am able to resolve it via curl and the browser.

Glad you could get this resolved and working.

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