Webpage doesnt work

Add some dns records for email and now webpage doesnt work.
This is the problem: error 1000.

Hi @danielajruizc,

Have a look at

and please post back with a screenshot of your DNS records in Cloudflare and your domain name if you need further help.

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The and are Cloudflare’s IP addresses. That should be the IP of your server.

Same with the 2606:4700:30::681c:21d and similar IPv6 addresses in your AAAA records. Those ones should point to your server or be deleted.

Once you have fixed this, you can edit your posting above to remove the screenshot so it doesn’t reveal your Origin IP.

what do you mean with “That should be the IP of your server.”.

do i have to change anything? or delete that records?

Those IPs that @domjh listed are Cloudflare IPs and thus when you try to point your records to them it gives the 1000 error.
You need to point those records to where you are hosting your content and the error will go away.


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