WebP Support and Cloudflare


My server is Litespeed. And I activated ‘’ Cache everything ‘’ option on CF.

May be you know that, LSCache plugin provides optimized webp image replacement feature. If the visitor’s browser supports webp images, they see webp version of the image. But If they browser doesn’t support webp, They will see png or jpg format of the image.

Will This feature work well CF’s cache everything rule? and CF will cache these images seperately?

Thank you!

Nobody have an idea?

Best way would be to test it yourself, setup a page rule for specific test url/blog post only which has webp served images and see how it fairs via webpagetest.org and various browser client/device combinations - inspecting their respective waterfalls etc

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Thank you so much I will test it.

Last question; Comment cookies of Wordpress is not working with purge everything rule. Is there any way to bypass these cookies without buying Business plan?

Because I am a blogger not business entity. If you add this bypass rule in your pro plan, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m huge fan of CF. Best regards!

Unfortunately, only way is using bypass cache on cookies page rule which is only available on Business plan. You can still deploy full page static html caching at wordpress level via wordpress plugins or other methods to help offload the load from PHP.