WebP polish vs origin approach

Question about WebP polish vs origin approach

In another thread, someone told me this: “Some sites deliver WebP with a .jpg extension because it’s easier. But Cloudflare proxies by filename, so a browser that can’t display WebP might get a WebP with a .jpg extension. Paid plans have a “Polish” feature which does this on the fly at Cloudlfare, which is more reliable than the origin approach.”

Regarding this, can someone tell me if I’m currently using the “origin approach”? My domain is azurodigital[dot]com (it won’t let me add the link for some reason)

If yes, does this mean that some browsers won’t be able to see my images at all? If so, is it a rare issue or is it something that I really need to be concerned about? I’d rather not pay for a paid plan on Cloudflare. Was hoping to use the free plan.

Thanks in advance!

For now, you’ll be safe. Your WebP image filenames are .jpg.webp, which won’t cause a conflict.

It looks like your site dynamically generates HTML depending on the browser (WebP vs not), which is the right way to do this at the origin.

The only snag you might hit is if you start caching HTML (Cloudflare doesn’t do this by default), which may send .webp links to non-webp browsers.

Great, thank you! I also use WP Rocket for caching - do you foresee any HTML caching issues with that? Are there any settings inside of WP Rocket that I shouldn’t activate for this reason?

I would hope it can differentiate, but here’s some info on that:

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