WebP Polish Images Not Being Served

I have a client’s site who uses WebP images via plugin. We have saved significant size by doing this, but I would instead like start using Cloudflare to serve the images, so have disabled the plugin.

I have enabled Polish, but am still not seeing any images at all being served as WebP. I have tried both lossless and lossy, and clearing cache multiple times… but the original png and jpg images are still be delivered to the browser.

I’ve searched through the community, and tried clearing cache multiple times, enabling/disabling/enabling, but am yet to see a single webp image delivered.

Does anyone have any advice about how I might diagnose what is wrong?

Domain is playdale.co.uk

Thank you

You have this in a cache header:
cache-control public, max-age=31536000, no-transform

That means you won’t allow Cloudflare to transform a JPG/PNG into WebP.

Ahh that makes sense! Thank you.

Do you know what the correct directive should look like? Looking at the docs here;

It doesn’t seem to specifically mention how your directives should be set regards polish?

Sorry I see what you mean about no-transform. I have removed the no-transform, but sadly it still isn’t serving WebP.

Anything else it could be?

That did it:

Ahh great. I am testing on the front end, right clicking images and opening the image in a new tab…as well as viewing the page source…and I’m not seeing any webp images.

What tool are you testing with there?

That’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome). Since Cloudflare isn’t going to modify your HTML, it just converts the image in cache and sends it out with the same extension, but sets the filetype to WebP.

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Gotcha. Thank you for your help on that…really awesome.

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