Webp lossless setup rotated image


We are using Cloudflare Lossless webp conversion.

We realized that our images were rotated counterclockwise by ninety degrees.

We “resolved” the issues by:

  1. turning off the webp lossless
  2. purged the said URL

The impacted URL was “https://cdn.rvillage.com/public/album_photo/7a/ea/30/3089c0_c9ea.jpg?c=7145”.

Are there known issues with webp lossless compression rotating images?


Another question we have is: does Cloudflare do the webp lossless conversion upon upload as well?
It might explain why our s3 origin has images rotated off by 90 degrees as well.


Not that I’m aware of. I’ve not seen this. Was the original image ever sideways on the camera or during editing? To me it looks like it was shot with the camera sideways, and may have retained some orientation information that the WebP conversion misinterpreted.

This appeared to be an widespread issue for us. We believe Images users uploaded were being rotated before we received them. In our testing after we disabled this feature users uploads were no longer rotated.

We appear to have had two distinct problems. Images stored in our static storage were rotated. These were images uploaded via an CloudFlare-fronted service. The second issue is every image we served out was rotated again. So some images ended up fully upside down having been rotated twice by cloudflare. As mentioned above turning off this feature and flushing cache has fixed the issue, except that uploads that have happened in the last day or two have had some that were rotated. This was such a sudden and widespread issue across our 500k user user base that we don’t believe suddenly all our users were uploading rotated images.

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