Webp issues with Safari 15.2

I have some issues with loading webp images in Safari 15.2 thru Cloudflare.

I use imgproxy: fast and secure on-the-fly image processing. as a image server.

When i create a test document with 2 images, one is loading directly from my origin and one via a proxied Cloudflare URL the one that is going directly to the origin is serving a webp images as it should. The one that is proxied thru Cloudflare is serving a jpeg. In Safari. In Chrome,

If i change the user agent in Safari to Firefox or Chrome it seems to load the Webp image just fine. So it seems to be dependent on the user agent for some reason?

I have setup the vary headers and so on as in this Vary for Images: Serve the Correct Images to the Correct Browsers (cloudflare.com) post.

I don’t want to share my origin server but if you want some test URLs let me know and i can DM.

May I ask if you are using a Free or a Paid Cloudflare plan for your domain name?

Safari seems to have partial support for webP format:

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