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Hello, I have question about image resizing under speed optimization section. This will convert images to webp, but how about unsupported browsers like older safari browsers. Do cloudflare will serve webp images to unsupported browsers or they will serve images in original format?


Clouflare will serve the original format for browsers that are not compatible with WebP. However, unlike Polish which does it by default, with Image Resizing you need to set the format parameter for the conversion to webp to work, and in case you are doing Image Resizing via Workers, you need to follow the additional requirement that the Worker parses the Accept-Content header.

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Hello, thank you. And also have question about image resizing. There is written that monthly included 50 000 request. IF more than 50000 requests then charge will be automatically or I need to accept before pay?And does 1 request is equal with 1 image? I have now 8000 images on WordPress website and would like to understand,if I enable image resizing do I need to pay additionaly?

This is probably outdated. Anyway, Image Resizing pricing has always been a rather muddy territory. If you :search: “image resizing pricing” you’ll see several posts about it, but no conclusive solution. As it is today, I see in the product documentation:

Plan Description Pricing
Basic For Images or Images and Stream users on a Free, Pro, or Business plan. - $5 per month per 100k images stored - $1 per month per 100k images delivered
Enterprise For Enterprise users that have Images or Images and Stream. - First 500K storage free - Free image delivery for 5 million images

Source: Pricing · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

However, on a Free Plan I still see the “Upgrade to Pro” on the Image Resizing card.


So I think precise pricing information will be best answered by someone from Cloudflare Team.

However, I can say that:

No. One single visit to your website will generate several requests for different images and possibly different sizes. Thsese subrequests are all counted.