Webp images, WordPress, and CloudFlare

I am using a plugin called WebP Express to serve webp images to browsers that support them, AND provide the original images to browsers that don’t support them. It is working wonderfully as long as the browsers are Chrome and Opera.

My issue is that Cloudflare which I have used for many years is not caching ALL the images, so quite a few images are missing when accessing the sites from Firefox or Safari, but some are still there as well.

I have confirmed this by removing Cloudflare to check loading through normal name servers, and they work just fine in Firefox and Safari. So the plugin is doing what it is supposed to in only serving images, that the browsers support. Any assistance with this would be GREATLY appreciated. Maybe some kind of Page Rule to get around this or something?

You’d probably need to disable caching for these images altogether, as you’ll otherwise either always have the original image cached (which works everywhere) or the WebP version which only works in Blink browsers.

Alternatively you could upgrade to a Pro plan and use “Polish” instead of the plugin.

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