WebP images NOT cropped in galleries

I’m having issues with WebP images not getting cropped in my galleries.

On my staging site, images galleries are cropped correctly. On my live site, there is no crop.

The only difference between these two is that the live site is on Cloudflare. Please help.

what do you use for image transformations? it’s not Cloudflare Images product, is it?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I’m using Imagify to convert images to WebP.
But do you think it’s the plugin when images are cropped correctly on the staging site but not on the live site?

Images look same to me from staging and production

looks like CSS that makes them look different

Thanks for your input.

Yes, images are the same and it’s probably CSS.

But what I don’t understand and need help with is this:

The two sites are identical! No change was made to the CSS on the live site. The only difference is that the live site is delivered by Cloudflare.

That’s why I was assuming that it would have something to do with Cloudflare. What else could it be?

What browser are you using? Did you make any changes recently? I’m using Chrome on MacOS, and the images on your live site appear correctly cropped.

Side note: This section of the forum is typically for troubleshooting issues related to the Cloudflare Images product. If you’re having issues with CSS or other plugins, you may be able to get more ideas from the folks in the Cloudflare Discord server.