Webp images by SG Optimizer are supported in Cloudflare?

Hello, I would like to convert my images in webp using SG Optimizer plugin offered by Siteground Hosting. I have a Cloudflare free plan integrated in the hosting itself. Since I’ve been warned with this message prior activation “If you’re using CloudFlare or other CDN provider, please keep this optimization disabled and check if you can have WebP enabled by your CDN provider”, I would like to know if I can carry on. I read that you have a tool called Polish, converting images automatically in webp, but I would like to have my original files un webp already, so there is not need of any conversion.
Thank you!

The warning is correct. It sounds like SG Optimizer converts the image without changing the extension. If Cloudflare caches a WebP with a .jpg extension, it will not load in Safari and iOS because Safari does not (yet) support WebP.

Thank you sdayman!

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