Webp images are not being cached by CF


I used Shortpixel to optimize my images to webp and now only the webp images aren’t being cached. All other image formats and files get a cf-cache-status: HIT but only the webp images get a MISS. Any help would be appreciated.

The site in question is https://keebs.com


First one in the list



That’s so strange. I just tested it again on Chrome and I got this:


Anyway, thanks for checking it out.


It says “from memory cache”. Could it be the entire file (along with the headers) came from the browser cache? Try purging your browser cache and reload it.


Now it says ‘expired.’ Also, GTMetrix is telling me I need to specify cache validators for all the webp images.



It still refers to the cache. Load it, purge the cache, and then reload.


I just purged all caches but it still says “(from memory cache).” I’m using W3 Total Cache as well.


That seems to be a Chrome issue. Try it with a different browser.


Ok, I’m getting a HIT on Firefox. Thank you, sandro.

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