.webp and .gif animations not loading

Hello, I’m having an issue on my temporary website - I’ve decided to upload animation while I’m working on the live version. Neither .webp nor .gif work. They’re both with the index.html file in root folder of my distro.
code works based on the background and alt name, but the media doesn’t work in either .webp, .gif or .png (png being static image for testing purposes)

Thank you for any advice in advance.

Can you share example URLs that aren’t working? Feel free to DM me if you prefer.

Thank you kindly for early response, though I can’t find out how to DM on this forum.

In my body I have a simple code as seen below.
I tried the same with .gif and .webp as well as single .png image and neither load on the website. My favicon.svg and css gradient background loads just fine however.

<img src="test.png" alt="Assembly Animation" style="width:30%;">

Are you using Cloudflare Images to optimize your images? Cloudflare Image Optimization · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

ps. If you click on my username, then you should see a “Message” button.

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