Webmail stopped working


We added cloudflare nameservers to our hosting provider and deleted the old nameservers. Now our webmail is not working. We are unable to monitor our company email inbox. We also added all DNS records from our cpanel to cloudflare but still same issue. Please advise the possible resolution and how we can fix it.

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You should double check if MX records are added. you should also check if the A/CNAME records for your webmail is added

Hello, We had only one MX record and I have added that MX record in cloudflare. But webmail is still down. Please advise

What is the domain?

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The domain is truepmg.com

Set the DNS record for the mail subdomain to “DNS only”.

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Hello, Can you please guide how can i do that. Thanks

  1. Go to your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app.
  2. Click next to the name mail so that :orange::grey:.

Thank you!! I changed mail to DNS only

Do I need to do the same for webmail as well?

That’s a definite maybe, but let’s not get too far ahead.

The mail hostname needs to be an A record not a CNAME if you want to be able to proxy the current target.

More concerning than that is the continued use of a synthetic hostname in your published MX record. What name do you show in the MX record in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS?

Okay I have updated it to A not CNAME.

I see truepmg.com as name of MX record

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You will need to switch that MX record out to use mail.truepmg.com and then you should be in a working state again.

I have two MX records. Should I change both to mail.truepmg.com?

Unless you can articulate a reason for having two, I’d lose one.

Makes sense. I’ve updated one and deleted the other one

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In checking your work, you have done something incorrectly. You now have no MX for your domain and a proxied MX at mail.

Delete all of your current MX and add one as follows:

Name Type Value
@ MX mail.truepmg.com

With only one MX the priority value won’t matter, but 0 or 10 would be conventional choices.

Hello, I have deleted all MX records and added a new MX record as suggested.

Webmail is still not working

Your MX record looks good now. That should allow your mailserver to receive domain emails. You may want to clean up your SPF ats ome point, but it shouldn’t cause you any issues.

What happens when you try to access webmail? I can only see the login page.

Have you tried using a :grey: DNS Only A record for webmail?

I see the following error message when I try to login:

A timeout occurred Error code 524

Visit cloudflare.com for more information.

2024-06-05 21:07:08 UTC

Browser: Working
Cloudflare: Working
Host: Error

What happened?

The origin web server timed out responding to this request.