Webmail Not Working

My website webmail is not opening.

Always show this error:

Site DNS Records:

After login webpage(webmail) not open properly but the website work perfectly.

If you access webmail over a url like http://example.com/webmail, Cloudflare may be interfering with access to that because we can only proxy traffic over certain ports.

(webmail usually works over port 2095 or 2096).

Possible solutions:
Try accessing webmail over one of the following:

Are you accesing to it like webmail.yourdomain.com or over port 2096 for your domain?

  • CSS and HTTPS request issue obviously (possible mixed content)

What SSL option have you enabled at SSL tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

Could you check if you have got the A webmail record? If so, is :grey: or :orange:? (I do not see it from the provided screenshot above)

Can you check the Web developer console. What errors do you get for the requested files like CSS, etc.?

If fails, can you check if this helps too?:

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