Webmail is very slow to access. Outlook also very slow to connect

I’ve a mail server in Singapore and my client is accessing it from South Africa. They can access it but speed is very slow. They can access Proxied Records without issue but when it comes to MX record then webmail access is very slow as well as Outlook is very slow. Emails takes hours to download. even a simple email take hours to download.

Please let me know what should i do with this situation?


Hi there,

You have 3 zones under your account, but I assume you’re referring to
Your MX record is pointing at mail.ch?????cs.com but you don’t have a record for mail.ch?????cs.com.

You should create gray clouded A record named mail pointing at your email host.

Please compare it with your remaining 2 zones.

Related documentation:

Take care.

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