Webmail Credential Reset

Hello, can anyone help me understand how to reset my webmail credentials? I have email through HostGator but then routed through Cloudflare. I tried to access my webmail through HostGator but they said the WhoIs shows my emails routed through HostGator. Please advise and thank you!

You are using Hostgator for Email services. So, you’ll have options there in the Cpanel to change. Please read the Hostgator article

Hi, thank you so much for the reply. I reset the password in CPanel in HostGator…and then went to the webmail login page…and then it briefly has a window that says login successful and then instantly reverts back to the blank login screen. The HostGator said I have to reset in HostGator but HostGator is kind of a budget deal so maybe she was wrong.

What’s the domain?

Please check if you have installed any plugin that blocks the page to load. It could be adblocker or something similar.

I’m not certainly sure about this. What hostgator tries to convey you the message. Because, you have already reset the password and the login was successful. It could also be possible hostgator is not allowing you the access if you have pending dues.


We don’t have any adblockers and are all paid up.

I don’t see any hostnames proxied by Cloudflare. Webmail goes straight to their server. This has nothing to do with Cloudflare, other than DNS records, which appear to be correct.

You’ll have to push harder at HostGator to get some help from them.


@brett20 You can try using other browsers or using incognito mode to check if there’s any issue from your end. Else, you’ll have to get support from Hostgator as mentioned by @sdayman

You are awesome. I was afraid of that. I just need to get on a legitimate host. Thank you very much.


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