Webmail and Mail Client Issues

We are having an issue, not sure if it is a Cloudflare issue.

Our webmail and mail clients work for awhile but then they refuse login. This happens for our office staff which are all on the same IP address. The staff can login when not on said IP address, but for some reason the webmail will not allow them to login at times and the mail client will continuously ask for the password. As I stated this works for awhile then the issue pops up. The mail is going through. It is only a problem while logging on to the mail client or the webmail.

Any idea what would cause this? It seems that the issue is only on one IP address.

Cloudflare does not proxy email connections, so this would be an issue with your mail host itself.

Thank you for your help. I’m reading that I need to whitelist the IP address within cPhulk.

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