WEBM and Cache Expiry

I’m getting great results overall with Cloudflare and just one final thing I’m getting is that the WEBM videos are failing on Gtmetrix.com as having no expiry set…

https://axxa.do/modules/aei_imageslider/views/img/58b27ad876e2c0e429206095445a0df444d0b661_SALMON-SLIDER.webm (expiration not specified)

I have the Cache TTL set to 1 year at the moment and all other resources are fine. Just WebM…

Is this a problem with my configuration?

Thanks for any help in advance!!!


Hey Steve, I’m running into the same issue as you! I’ve looked around a bit and it seems Cloudflare doesn’t cache webms by default. I’ve created a page rule with these rules (wildcarding the entire cdn domain where all my files are):

Browser Cache TTL: a year, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month, Origin Cache Control: On

-and the Cache-Control header is now appearing on my webms! Not sure if those are all the best settings for the header, but looks like it’s at least appearing now, so thought I’d share to point you in the right direction.

Hey…I found the thing thats causing it…its the email obfuscation script…once disabled it came back and suddenly I was running again.

I suppose your solution allows to keep email obfuscation and also with the headers. Suppose someone from Cloudflare should look at why an email coder rewrites webm cache headers…they don’t seem directly linked in my mind…

Thanks though! I will probably change to your way…

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