Webite Need to remove from SERP

How do i remove the website from search engine result page of any search engine.suppose if any users searched for any keywords related to our website,we don’t want to show it in the Search engine result page,because we are using it only for internal purpose.we hosted our website in cloudfare

I’m afraid that Cloudflare does not have search engine settings. You’ll have to research this on an SEO forum.

But Search engine setting can be helpful if we want to block any website from our search engine,but for me i have to block the entire website that is hosted by cloudfare.

When i checked with domain provider they told that only cloudfare can change the settings.

Cloudflare has nothing to do with search engines. It is up to you to make sure that your site cannot be indexed by search engines.

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One could try to block search engines with a Firewall Rule to block Known Bots, but that’s only a handful of search engines. But those are search engines that should already respect robots.txt and other anti-index directives. Neither aproach will remove results already on search pages.

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