Webhost died

Hi, my web host and web developer was a one-man shop. He died. I think he used Cloudflare servers and the domain was registered with Tucows. The website went down possibly because he hadn’t paid his bill. What can I do to get control of my site and all the data on the server? He controlled all passwords. I don’t want to post any particulars here. Cloudflare is unreachable endusers like me.


Have you tried to create an account ticket? That’s the best way to reach support for account, billing and Registrar issues. This is an account issue.

Cloudflare is only one part of the picture.

Has it expired? That is one :one: part you’ll need to figure out, you need to be able to control the domain at the registrar.

That is the second part, the :two: actual hosting provider has the site data, you’ll need to figure out who that is.

And access to the dash.cloudflare.com account is the third :three: part you’ll need to figure out. If you do now know the email the developer was using and have access to that email, Support will not be able to assist you.

I guess I’d start with 1 as if you cannot control the domain, figuring out 3 won’t matter.

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thank you cloonan. I’ve contacted the registrar - Tucows and I’m waiting to hear. I would pay whatever he owed Cloudflare? to get the site back up but I don’t have an account with them and I have no clue who to “talk” to. That’s a joke don’t believe anyone in this business uses phones.

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sorry to be so needy but can anyone point me in the right direction for creating that account ticket?

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My apologies, I meant to include this link, thank you for the nudge

You can create an Account ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support Let me know the number once you have it.

You should include the name of the site in that ticket with Support along with the email of the developer if you have it. It would be great if you knew to whom that email ends up, but for a start it will help Support to assist you however they can. Their options are limited as they can only work with the owner of the account, but what you’re facing does happen and the team knows how to assist.

Thank you. I did include the website and the email that I used to contact him. The ticket # is :

If it was a matter of him not paying the bills I would gladly pay it to get my website back up even if only temporarily it would buy me some time. Thanks again for your help


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Thank you, I will flag that for my colleagues in Support. On that ticket, can you reply and share the name of the website?

Thank you. Yes I will but I think I included it in the comment. It wouldn’t let type the domain name in the text box though.

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You included the email of the developer. If you reply to the ticket via email you can mention the name of the site.

Will do

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when I try to log in to “My Activities” to get the status of my ticket I get an error msg “SSO failed. Please verify your email before sign in the support site” but I’ve verified the email a couple of times and I’m already logged in anyhway

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