Webhop & CName

What is the difference between Webhop and CName?

I vaguely recall that webhop is Dyn’s name for a web browser level redirection, meaning that the URL the browser is connecting to actually changes via a 301/302 redirect. This is not an industry standard term and therefore could mean something else, but it seems to be likely in this context.

A CNAME is a DNS level record that says “for all questions, ask this other name”, so this includes not only websites but potentially email and other services. In a web browser context, the browser will ask the target server’s IP, but will ask it for the original hostname.


Q1: How do I create a CName Webhop redirect within the portal of the Cloudflare zone dns?

Description: The CName web browser level redirections are not working, e.g., whm.dslcomputer.com

See, the attached screenshot image file for details.

Hi @director5,

If you want a redirect, you should use a page rule.

see, the attached screenshot image.

You don’t seem to have the required DNS record for that to work. Please check the tutorial I linked to.

There is more info in the video and linked support article at:

Does this work?

That looks like it should work, but you still don’t seem to have any DNS record for that subdomain, so the page rule will never activate.

For a page rule to work, you need to have a DNS record set to :orange: for the domain/subdomain that you want it to trigger for. You can create a record pointing to, a dummy IP address.

You will need one with the name whm

You can read more about this in our community tutorial.

Looks good and I am redirected to the WHM panel now :slight_smile:

You may want to remove the post with your IP in the DNS records now.

Thank you very much - domijh

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