Webhooks not coming through

Hi there,

I am using Pabbly Connect and want to forward a webhook to my WP site. Unfortunately, the webhook is not going trough. I think this is related to Cloudflare. Even though it says “Skip” in activity log, I do not receive the data sent. I’ve already configured security rules inside Cloudflare to accept GET, POST and PUT requests as well as allow list the Pabbly Connect IP-Adresses. I am just confused as other WP installations within the same zone do receive incoming webhooks.

No security plugin or service activated on the website so far.

Would be glad if somebody can help me sort this out. Thank you very much!

As always, please make sure you are using the Full (strict) SSL setting in Cloudflare.

And did you check in the server access logs that the request did not reach your server at all?

What response do you receive for your request?

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Thanks for your reply!
Full (strict) is enabled.

Haven’t checked the log files yet, but the webhook returns “success” when I try it manually via browser.

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Server access log says:

44.***.***.*** - - [04/Apr/2024:13:26:14 +0000] "POST /webhook/capture/ES4FiQ5TbW HTTP/1.1" 200 141941 "-" "Pabbly Connect"

(IP-Address masked)

That looks as if the request is reaching the server. Why exactly do you believe this to be a Cloudflare problem?